Shine Computer Consulting              

 where geek is understood but English is spoken

 Frustrated by the endless maze that understanding your PC, Mac, or iPad seems to be? Overwhelmed by the explanations the so-called “experts” give you?

  My name is Wendy Dickerson, founder of Shine Computer Consulting, and I am here to help erase those frustrated moments spent staring hopelessly at your computer. I know geek talk, but will translate that to English!

 Whether you are confused about a specific software program or just need help with the basics of your computer, I am the friendly, conversational teacher who wants to make your electronic life less stressful.

  I welcome all types of questions, for I was once in the same position as you, boggled by the complexities of my computer. After working with me, you will feel in control of the computer and NOT the other way around.


Are you ready to take the next step?


Call Wendy at 651-695-1006 or email at